Some people think medical experts should focus on medical issues. Also, some people don’t — and some of those people live in Canada. 

In 2025, CanMEDS — Canada’s framework for physician training — will update its guidelines. Aiming at radical change, a proposal has been made by Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons DEI alliance Antiracism Expert Working Group (AEWG). And surprise: They’re hoping antiracism soon trumps medical concerns.


Antiracism — if you’re unaware — is the anti-whiteness effort to first categorize people as oppressors or victims and then to balance the scales. AEWG’s proposal seeks to strike the pro-oppression populace. 

The alliance is all about what’s necessary; see for yourself in the document, as posted to X by member Ritika Goel:

CanMEDS 2025 affords us the opportunity to think critically and propose a vision of the practice of medicine which is rooted in social justice, antiracism, anti-oppression, and cultural safety, promoting a broader cultural shift which is necessary for the profession. 

Medicine needs a center, and expertise ain’t it:

A new model of CanMEDS would seek to center values such as anti-oppression, antiracism, and social justice, rather than medical expertise.

AEWG includes its own definition of antiracism:

Antiracism is deeply rooted in anti-oppression, which analyzes the world through the lens of power, including the historical and ongoing structures of racism, white supremacy, settler colonialism, heteropatriarchy, capitalism, ableism, classism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and more.


So assuming AEWG gets its way: Down the road, if you’re up north and think, “Sure, I have colon cancer, but what about colon-ialism,” no need to worry — your doctor will be majoring in the majors. Before he or she or ze probes you with an invasive rooter, they’ll be keen on first socking it to heteronormativity.

Without a doubt, Canada and America share more than just a border:

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Back to the proposal, AEWG’s first numbered point reads as follows:

De-centering medical expertise — the ongoing centering of medical expertise over all other facets of medical care and being a physician reinforce and promote the hidden curriculum in medical education which states that critical aspects of medical practice such as advocacy, collaboration and communication are less important.


Pride is all the rage, but the proposed new focus hails humility:

Cultural Safety/Humility — to name the need to promote safety for our patients and maintain humility in ourselves as providers about the experiences and identities of others, especially those most marginalized amongst us.

No word on what “safety” means, but presumably the term represents our most enlightened definition: hearing or otherwise being exposed to anything with which a woke person disagrees.

In that regard, the world is certainly becoming safer.

Will all industries/arenas eventually cease to be different, in favor of forming a singular national DEI department? It seems possible. Your doctor’s office, your school, your oil change place — they’ll all one day drop the unnecessary in favor of the superiorly critical Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Your plumber, your pastor, your dentist may be replaced by DEI administrators. So perhaps goes our future — though, as we move farther along via medical means, living long enough to see it may prove increasingly difficult.


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