“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

Members of the CJNG tried to extort merchants in Merida with messages and calls telling them that they would burn their stores and kidnap their families.

At least 15 small businesses in Merida have been contacted by people claiming to be from the alleged criminal group “El Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generación” (CJNG).

They threatened to burn the premises and kidnap family members if they do not pay for “protection”.

“It’s fraud,” authorities told one of the merchants who reported to 9-1-1 the two numbers from which they tried to intimidate him into paying “derecho de piso”.

Alleged victims who do not hang up the calls are told by the alleged scammers “that they have already met with local authorities and if they do not pay the “derecho de piso” they will burn the businesses and kidnap family members”, among other threats.

An affected citizen who reported his case to the Diario before resorting to the authorities said that he was first contacted via WhatsApp messages from the number 7294840636.

They told them that his business would be burned if he did not agree to what they told him.

Then the threats were through a phone call made from the number 9997658402.

Moments later he received a video in which three hooded people with long weapons appeared and identified themselves as members of the CJNG.

“We are the absolute New Generation mob.We invite you in the most attentive way. To all business, commercial industries, and inhabitants of this area. To adhere to our new security system that we have been implementing with Mr. ‘Mencho’. Commanded by our commander Juan Carlos Valencia Sanchez ‘El R-3’ or ‘El Pelon’ of the New Era. Ignore this message and we will begin to kidnap and kill your entire family. We are the absolute Jalisco New Generation Cartel. We are El Mencho’s mob you sons of bitches. If you ignore our message your worlds will go to shit”. 

The businessman reportedly responded to the messages by pointing out that he was not the owner and that if they had any problems they should contact the owners of the business. The messages and videos were deleted moments later.

The victim reported the numbers to the authorities because he said that this is the second time they have tried to extort him in the same way.

They indicated to him that they have traced the number from which they sent him WhatsApp messages “is from Toluca” and is used from the Federal Center for Social Readaptation Number 1 “El Altiplano”.

And that the local number from which he was contacted has already received 15 reports of extortion attempts against blacksmiths and hardware stores, among other small businesses.

The recommendation of the authorities to those who receive such calls or messages is to hang up immediately, do not answer the messages and report the numbers from which they are contacted.

Al Chile!