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Washington Post: Mexico’s president rebukes GOP push to use U.S. military against cartels 

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador pushed back Thursday against Republican lawmakers who have urged the Biden administration to take military action against the country’s drug cartels across the border after the abduction of four Americans in the border city of Matamoros. He said such demands threatened Mexican sovereignty. 

“We are not going to allow any foreign government to intervene and much less foreign armed forces to intervene in our territory,” López Obrador said at a news conference, adding that he would ask Americans of Mexican and Hispanic origin not to vote for Republicans if their “aggression” continued. 

López Obrador also sought to deflect attention from Mexico’s role in the fentanyl epidemic. He claimed his country does not produce the substance, which is responsible for the majority of U.S. drug overdose deaths, and cast its abuse as an American problem. U.S. law enforcement officials have said fentanyl is mass-produced by Mexican drug cartels and then distributed by American criminal networks.  

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Update: Rep. Roy introduces bill to designate Mexican cartels as foreign terrorist organizations (FOX News)  

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