Exterior view of Chisinau International Airport, in Chisinau, Moldova, February 14, 2023. Inquam Photos/Andrei Mardari via REUTERS  

Reuters: Moldova Briefly Shuts Airspace After Report of Balloon-Like Object 

CHISINAU (Reuters) -Moldova briefly closed its air space on Tuesday to investigate reports of a balloon-like object in the sky, a day after the small east European country accused Russia of plotting to bring down its government. 

Russia denied the accusation by President Maia Sandu, who has repeatedly expressed concern about Russia’s intentions towards the former Soviet republic since Moscow invaded Ukraine in February 2022. 

Moldova’s civil aviation authority said it acted after receiving a defence ministry report that a small object resembling a weather balloon had been seen over the north of the country, close to the border with Ukraine.  

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Update: Romania, Moldova both report strange objects in their skies (AP) 

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Update #2: Serbia and Montenegro want an explanation from Moldova after Moldova’s President Maia Sandu described an alleged Russian conspiracy against her country’s government using external saboteurs from Montenegro, Belarus and Serbia …. Serbia, Montenegro Request Clarification After Moldova Warns Of Possible Russian Provocation (RFE).