There’s been a lot of discussion in recent years about our faltering educational system and the dumbing down of the American populace. As an editor, I’m especially attuned to grammar and spelling errors – my eyes search for them all day long. And believe me, they abound – particularly in the digital sphere and on social media.

It struck me today that many on the left – in particular, elected officials and legacy media outfits – are misspelling a key word – a label that many of them claim and cling to.

We’re told over and over that anything and everything aligned with anyone right of center is “a threat to democracy.”

  • Billionaires not taxed enough? A threat to democracy.
  • Reducing the regulatory state? A threat to democracy.
  • Enforcing our sovereign border? A threat to democracy.
  • Seeking energy independence? A threat to democracy.
  • Cooking on a gas stove? A threat to democracy.
  • Defending the Bill of Rights? A threat to democracy.
  • Championing free speech? A threat to democracy.
  • Pushing for election integrity? A threat to democracy.
  • Ron DeSantis? The biggest threat to democracy – since Donald Trump.

Actually, I’m pretty sure if you asked them, electing any Republican presents a threat to democracy.

But the thing is – it isn’t democracy (with a cy) those things threaten. It’s Democrats (with a ts).

This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Friday, August 4th. Audio included below.