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A narco submarine was discovered off the coast of Colombia containing over two tons of cocaine worth $87 million, as well as two dead bodies.

The 15-meter-long homemade semi-submersible was found floating in the Pacific over the weekend, most likely bound for Central America, an important corridor for transporting cocaine north toward the United States.

It was when they boarded the sub that the Colombian Marines discovered dead bodies, as well as another two men who were alive but apparently suffering from the effects of poisonous gasses generated by the boat’s fuel.

It’s not clear whether the two people who died suffered from gas and/or carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Video from the seizure provided by the Colombian government showed one unconscious man being removed on a stretcher and carried towards what looks like a parked ambulance. Authorities said both sick men were transported to Tumaco on the Colombian Pacific coast.

Footage showed the vessel floating low and motionless in the open sea, and soldiers pulling packages of cocaine out of the vessel’s hull, which was flooded. Photos of the seizure don’t depict a chase. It’s possible that the homemade sub had been idling in the water before it was discovered by the authorities.

The 2.6 tons of cocaine retrieved from the semi-submersible, much of it wrapped in black plastic, can be seen in the footage being transferred onto a Colombian military vessel floating alongside the narco sub, filling it completely.

With this operational deployment that had foreign support, more than $87 million were prevented from entering the financial structures of drug trafficking organizations that commit crimes in the Colombian Pacific, and more than 6 million doses from circulating in the international illegal market.

The Colombian Navy will continue deploying all its capabilities to counter the scourge of drug trafficking structures that commit crimes in the Colombian Pacific.

Source Armada de Colombia, VICE, On Demand News