Last Updated on March 7, 2023


National File Tonight host Paul Harrell covered a pair of disturbing videos that have made their way out of the Russo-Ukrainian War in an episode of National File’s flagship show that was broadcast this week; videos that purport to show Ukrainian forces preparing and deploying chemical weapons against Russian troops.

The footage coming out of Ukraine compliments numerous on-the-ground reports from soldiers and others that say the increasingly desperate Ukrainians are deploying chemical weapons against Russian and pro-Russian separatist forces. Chemical weapons were banned under the Geneva Convention after unleashing horrors upon mankind during World War 1.

Remarkably, though the United States and her NATO allies are staunchly backing Ukraine, the use of chemical weapons by Saddam Hussein was used as a pretext for fighting Iraq in Desert Storm, and then again when an American-led coalition invaded Iraq over a decade later.

“Since World War 1 we have pretty much decided that chemical weapons are illegal,” Harrell said on the broadcast of National File Tonight. “But there are now reports that Ukraine is using chemical weapons against the Russians,” he went on, adding that Twitter and other social media platforms have begun censoring video footage and first-hand accounts of chemical weapons usage in Ukraine.

“Which makes me think that there’s something to this when you get censored,” said Harrell, before rolling footage that shows a Russian soldier suddenly collapsing during an exchange of small arms fire, despite not appearing to be hit by a bullet. When the soldier collapses, chaos ensues as frantically coughs and fluid begins to drip from his mouth and nose.

His fellow soldiers appear to be shouting about the use of gas as they drag the affected Russian to cover.

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What’s more, is that additional footage appears to show members of Ukraine’s armed forces showing off a stockpile of drone-carried chemical weapons.

Though Western media outlets and Ukrainian propagandists are continuing to claim they have Russia on the run or bogged down in a long and drawn-out war of attrition, the ongoing collapse and encirclement of their forces at Bakhmut are telling a much different story.

“If they’re resorting to using chemical weapons, that would seem to me that these guys are pretty desperate at this point,” said Harrell. “[…]The Western narrative is completely bogus when it comes to Ukraine.”

Watch the segment of National File Tonight below:

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