Last Updated on September 6, 2023

Congressman Matt Gaetz did something most members of Congress refuse to do; Gaetz pointed out that the McCarthy-led House GOP could be doing better. Gaetz also challenged himself to do better. Gaetz taking personal responsibility is a breath of fresh air for those rightfully disappointed in McCarthy’s leadership.

Responding to a post on X from a concerned GOP voter asking, “Why aren’t you holding McCarthy’s feet to the fire???” Gaetz responded, “I’ve spent the last 8 months giving you my best effort at this with the tools at my disposal. It hasn’t been good enough. I haven’t been good enough. I know that. And I have reflected on it deeply. I will endeavor to be better. You deserve better than this.”

Gaetz is correct. Despite possessing the power of the purse, the McCarthy-controlled House has done nothing to defund the witch hunts against President Trump and his supporters. Last summer, McCarthy celebrated a debt ceiling deal that economically squeezed the middle class and did not defund any investigations into Trump.

The House Freedom Caucus seems poised to move against McCarthy if the Speaker fails to put forth meaningful legislation to defund the investigations into Trump.

NationalFile previously reported that in September, the GOP-controlled House can refuse to pass a continuing resolution that funds the government until all Trump witch hunts are completely defunded. Any GOP member that votes against this plan should immediately be primaried.

Gaetz’s public personal challenge to do better should inspire more members of Congress to tell their voters the truth like Matt did. America’s republic works best when representatives are honest with the people.

Hopefully, Matt Gaetz will keep his commitment and hold Speaker McCarthy accountable when Congress returns.

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