Multiple sources on the ground in Brasilia, Brazil stated that the riot which broke out Monday night after the arrest of Brazilian Xavante tribal chief, Tserere, aka Cacique Cerere, was instigated by Leftist “black bloc infiltrators.”  One witness compared it to the events of the January 6 Capitol protests.

Brazilian chef and political activist, Vinicius “Vinny” Rossignolo, 36, spoke with National File on Wednesday about Chief Tserere’s arrest and the riot which followed.

“This video shows a lot of people covering their faces. This is not common in our manifestations. At the end of the video, you can see them hitting the cameraman. He said, “Hey, I’m a conservative. What’s the problem?” They don’t want to be discovered. The people that initiated the fire, they are not our people. They were there to make this ruckus,” Vinny said.

“Why would patriots burn a truck with the Brazilian flag?” Vinny asked in an effort to make a point.

“In this video you can see, before anything happens, they are putting on gas masks, reading the presence list, and waiting for more people to arrive. Infiltrators!” he added.

“They [the federal police] used gas and rubber bullets. No live arounds,” he went on to explain.

“People wearing black masks….it never happens with conservative demonstrators here in Brazil. Never. In all the places one could see this in Brasilia, nobody uses masks. No chance. Those guys are infiltrators,” Vinny stated.

Vinny claimed that although firefighters were quick to arrive at the scene of the arson, they sat by idly and allowed the flames to grow.

“When he turns the camera back, he is telling us that the firefighters are there, just behind here, and doing nothing,” Vinny explained.

“The firefighters are waiting. We don’t know why. They were just waiting for the fire to get worse and get bigger and go and show to the world what is happening in Brazil,” Vinny said. “They waited until the journalists took pictures so they could show to the world the problems in Brazil.”

Vinny asserted that the infiltrators used the Brazilian indigenous people, and in particular the tribal chiefs, as a “trigger” for the false flag operation attempt.

“It isn’t the behavior of the conservative people. It’s Communism. It’s just a few people who are making the mess here in Brasilia. They have used the natives, the tribal chiefs here, as a trigger. Some of them were wearing Brazilian soccer team t-shirts,” he said.

Vinny compared the event to schemes run by the U.S. Department of Justice and FBI, examples of which include the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot in which the majority of “plotters” were federal agents or informers. He claimed that the infiltrators are members of the Patrido dos Trabalhadores (PT), The Worker’s Party, the political party to which Inacio Lula belongs. They are colloquially referred to as “PTistas.”

“It’s definitely not our people. They are the PTistas, the Communists who are trying to make this problem here. The same thing happened in Washington D.C. on January 6th, 2021, when Biden won the election, supposedly,” Vinny said.

Ivan, another Brazilian citizen, also spoke with National File on Wednesday about Monday evening’s protests.

“What is really going on here in Brazil? We have been protesting here in Brazil for more than four years and we never had any problems with fires on cars or buses, or breaking windows. We don’t do that man. You never see anything like that among us. That is all a lie. The black blocs here in Brazil are the same as Black Lives Matter in the U.S.,” Ivan said.

“We didn’t start that stuff, man. Those were all blac blocs, all with masks, gas containers, everything we don’t do, my friend,” Ivan said. “I’ve been in Brasilia, Brazil with three million people on the 7th of September. It’s our 4th of July. You didn’t hear about any problems. It’s all family. All about family. All patriots.”

Brazilian citizen, Otavio, called out the operation as a false flag.

“It’s a false flag. The group which did that were made of people infiltrated by the left,” Otavio said.

“It’s theatre,” Vinny added.

None of the alleged black bloc individuals who partook in the riot on Monday have been arrested. Chief Tserere, however, was transferred to the Complexo Penitenciario da Papuda, the Papuda Penitentiary Complex, a maximum security prison in the Jardim Botânico administrative region, on Wednesday. Papuda is the same prison in which conservative journalist Oswald Eustaquio was incarcerated and allegedly tortured at the behest of Supreme Federal Court Justice, Alexandre de Moraes.

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