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RT: Ukrainian military pilot defects to Russia – media 

The pilot is already on Russian territory and is being interviewed by the security services, the TASS news agency says  

A military pilot from the Armed Forces of Ukraine has defected to Russia, TASS reported on Saturday, citing a person who allegedly organized the pilot’s flight over the frontlines. The Ukrainian in question is an active-duty serviceman who held the rank of “senior officer” with Kiev’s forces, a Russian Telegram channel following the situation has claimed. 

“The Ukrainian armed forces pilot is currently in Russia and is being interviewed by the Federal Security Service,” a Russian military strike helicopter pilot identified by TASS as Aleksey Voevoda told the agency. Russians were reportedly behind the operation.  

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Update: Ukrainian military pilot defects to Russia — organizer (TASS)  

WNU editor: If this report is true, and many military bloggers on both sides of this war are saying it is true, will mean only one thing. Until a thorough investigation has been done, there is going to be a delay on when Ukraine is going to get its F-16s.  

Update #2: Ukraine is denying reports of a defection …. Military intelligence denies Russia’s claim that Ukrainian pilot defected (Kyiv Independent).