“Ivan” and  “Itzli” for Borderland Beat

“Agents of the Tamaulipas State Guard Special Group arrested Ernesto Sanchez Rivera, alleged commander of the Gulf Cartel known as “Metro-22” or “La Mierda”, according to the National Registry of Arrests of the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection.” REFORMA
Also known as “M-1”. Brother of Héctor “La Mimi” Sánchez Rivera. Criminal career started in 2012 and has been imprisoned three times (Source). Member of Los Metros. According to a 2016 rumor, was part of Roberto Saavedra Santana Delgado, alias “El Chiricuas”, 35s, which were given code names M1-M22. Rumored to have been arrested April 25, 2015 during an operation to arrest “El Chiricuas” and described as commander of halcones (Source). Sometime in 2016 he was imprisoned in Reynosa state prison for auto theft with the use of violence (Source). July 2019 reported that he was jefe de “estacas” and involved in migrant smuggling (Source). On January 10, 2020 rumored that “El Mono” did not trust him and “La Mimi” (along with Nabor/M-21 and Roque) and “that in any moment he could betray them like Chiricuas” (Source). Listed among 10 cartel members in joint Texas/Tamaulipas list January 27, 2021 (Source). September 2021 rumored that “El Primito” has promised “El Contador” to eliminate various Metros to seal peace, including him (Source). Part of the Anti-Primito alliance of 2021 (Source). -Itzli 

“Also, important to note that La Mierda and his brother (TWINS) Hector Sanchez Rivera “La Mimi” or code M-1 are cousins of Commander or  Comandante Chiricuas M-85 who controlled the Aquiles Serdan sector, downtown Reynosa. In 2015, on orders by Gafe M-64, Chiricuas and his subordinates took over the Miguel Aleman plaza.  The Aquiles Serdan Sector, downtown sectors of Reynosa, were assigned to Chiricuas by the late and high ranking gulf cartel member Samuel Flores Borrego alias Comandante Metro 3 or Sr. 3. 
Chiricuas M-85 is believed to have retired at some point in 2018 and left his crime business to his cousins La Mierda and La Mimi. After the death of Toro M-42, a close lieutenant of his who kept on winning Toro’s confidence for being a very astute businessman, and gifting Toro with gold platted hand pistols took over the Gulf Cartel Reynosa faction, his name: Cesar Morfin Morfin. Many are interested in Primito’s background, the truth is he always waved the Toro M-42 flag from the beginning don’t get it twisted. 
Both La Mimi and La Mierda started having disagreements with the current Los Metros of Reynosa faction boss Cesar Morfin Morfin and were ordered to give up the Aquiles Serdan sector and downtown areas of Reynosa. El Roque took over the sectors that La Mimi and La Mierda left behind.  
The capture of La Mierda has no effect on the daily operation’s of Primito, in fact it just removes another thorn in his side. Primito has targeted anyone that he views as a threat, his leadership has lasted longer than many have thought. Primo lets you operate as if everything is cool, checks all your movements, and when you least expected goes after you the proof of this is Yessi, Choco M-90, Salinas M-32, and Pezon; all have been killed by Primito.
Another rumor I want to break is that yes both Primito and CJNG have agreements but the latter do not operate in Reynosa or other areas controlled Los Metros of Reynosa faction. 
In Nuevo Leon the Gulf cartel operates by factions Primito has cells operating, Matamoros has cells operating there, and those that don’t trust Primito, commanders from Reynosa operate from Nuevo Leon out of fear in being targeted by Primo if they operate from Reynosa.” -Ivan or Char