Last Updated on November 29, 2022

RINO Representatives are threatening to elect a Democrat or a “moderate” RINO, like Justin Amash or Liz Cheney, as the next Speaker of the House, should conservatives not fall in line to back establishment leader Kevin McCarthy, who used corrupt FTX money to keep America First candidates out of Congress.

As a result of the midterm elections, in which the anticipated “red wave” presented itself as a mere pink trickle, Republicans hold a razor-thin majority in the House of Representatives. There, establishment leader Kevin McCarthy has already anointed himself “Speaker-elect,” six weeks before the actual vote for House leadership positions.

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McCarthy’s premature claim to the speakership began after a closed-door GOP vote.

Were it the actual January 3rd contest, he would have failed to receive enough support to be elected speaker, getting just 188 votes, well short of the 218 vote requirement.

In an effort to whip up votes for McCarthy and allow the establishment to cling to power, representatives, consultants, and donors have started a media blitz, which appears to be bi-partisan, claiming that if McCarthy isn’t made speaker, Democrats and “moderate” RINOs will have no choice but to elect one of their own.

According to a report from Breitbart News, a publication that’s been heavily supportive of Kevin McCarthy and his congressional agenda, a “doomsday scenario” will present itself if McCarthy isn’t made speaker.

Breitbart McCarthy

Breitbart McCarthy

Breitbart reported on a supposed “doomsday scenario” that will take place if McCarthy isn’t elected Speaker of the House.Among those McCarthy supporters mentioned repeatedly in the Breitbart report is Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Freedom Caucus member and self-proclaimed America First conservative.

Reportedly, McCarthy has promised to re-assign Greene to committees should he become speaker.

Greene’s support of McCarthy comes after she spent her first term in Congress fundraising on the impeachment of Joe Biden, and frequently painting herself as a McCarthy adversary.

But according to McCarthy himself, if he’s made speaker, impeachment proceedings will be out of the question.

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Disturbingly, McCarthy even says that he will continue to follow the rules that Nancy Pelosi put in place as Speaker of the House should he take the gavel, continuing on with the left-wing perversion of more than two centuries of American government.

McCarthy and his supporters are claiming that if conservatives don’t get in line, Democrats and RINOs could elect J6 Committee member Liz Cheney, who was ousted in this year’s election cycle, to lead Congress.

Or, they could install Justin Amash, an anti-Trump “libertarian” and ex-GOP Rep. who laid out what he would do as speaker in a recent tweet, which was featured in the aforementioned Breitbart article.

Also featured in the article was a tweet from NBC reporter Scott Wong, who validated Marjorie Taylor Greene’s support of Kevin McCarthy by citing GOP establishment Rep. Don Bacon.

Synchronizing with the pressure campaign launched by Greene, McCarthy, and others to install McCarthy as speaker, Rep. Don Bacon told NBC that “he’s willing to work with Dems to elect a moderate Speaker.”

Kevin McCarthy MTG Speaker
GOP legislators are working with Democrats and corporate media to pressure conservatives into supporting Kevin McCarthy for speaker.

Freedom Caucus member Andy Biggs, a Rep. from Arizona, has a launched a challenge to McCarthy for Speaker, and says there are at least 20 “pretty hard no” votes against the Californian.

Others within the caucus, like Reps. Paul Gosar and Bob Good, have announced their firm opposition to McCarthy as speaker.

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As exclusively revealed by National File in an explosive report, an internal Freedom Caucus memo shines light on how President Trump himself could be elected Speaker of the House, and lays out the agenda that should be followed if President Trump, or a Freedom Caucus member, is elected Speaker.

Under the US Constitution, as the memo explains, the Speaker of the House does not have to be a member of Congress.

Using the same legal footing that McCarthy and company are using when they threaten to make ex-Rep. Liz Cheney speaker if they don’t get their way, the Republican Party could truly begin to remedy the 2020 election, by making President Trump the next Speaker of the House.

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