Kerch strait bridge. Sergei Malgavko/TASS  

DNYUZ/New York Times: Russia Says It Thwarted Another Ukrainian Attack on Crimea Bridge 

The Russian military said Saturday that it had thwarted yet another attack on a critical bridge linking the occupied Crimean Peninsula to Russia that Kyiv has vowed to keep attacking until it is unusable. 

The Russian Ministry of Defense said that three Ukrainian “semi-submersible unmanned boats” targeting the Kerch Strait Bridge were destroyed in the Black Sea overnight. 

The first maritime drone was detected shortly before midnight and the other two launched about 10 minutes apart just after 2 a.m. local time, the ministry said in statements. 

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WNU Editor: This is how Russia is now defending the Crimea Bridge …. Russia Sinks Line Of Ships To Protect Kerch Bridge (Warzone/The Drive). More here …. Ukraine has a key bridge in its sights, and Russia is throwing whatever it can, from sunken ships to smoke screens, into trying to defend it (Insider). 

Russia Says It Destroyed Three Ukrainian Drones Targeting The Crimea Bridge 

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