Let’s just get this out of the way, now: Democrat strategist, and founder of left-wing “watchdog group” Media Matters for America, David Brock is a sleazebag. Or as investigative journalist Daniel Greenfield puts it, “with Jeffrey Epstein dead, David Brock may be the slimiest of the Clinton friends still left standing.”

In a Friday column for Front Page Magazine, subtitled The slimiest Clinton pal coordinates with Hunter Biden to reelect Joe Biden, Greenfield reports that Brock is allegedly coordinating with Hunter Biden’s lawyer — with a $10 million budget, no less — to attack Republicans and “protect” Joe Biden’s re-election by taking on subjects, like crackhead Hunter, that “may be too personal or delicate for the White House to be responding or to even be seen as directing a response.”

Did I mention that David Brock is the sleazebag of sleazebags?

After meeting with Hunter Biden, as NBC News reported, Brock bragged that “absent a vigorous operation, like the one we’re putting out, I think it makes it difficult for President Biden to be re-elected.”

No kidding? Other than the Biden energy crisis, Afghanistan debacle, supply chain crisis, rampant inflation, and skyrocketing gas prices — and of course the continuing open-border crisis — why on earth would Biden have a problem with winning re-election? [sarc]

Here’s more from Greenfield’s piece:

In October, Brock sent out a promotional memo announcing “Facts First USA: A SWAT Team to Counter Republican Congressional Investigation.” The extended memo, apparently uploaded by a New York Times reporter, left little doubt as to what Brock intended to use Facts First for.

Brock’s memo reads, in part:

The presidential election in 2024 will be close and simply relying on the hope that facts will triumph over conspiracy is not sufficient. Instead, a robust external force – a SWAT team with additional capacity – must also be in place to ensure that the media and public do not accept the false narrative that flows from congressional investigations.

An external operation will also allow President Biden to stay focused on his own preferred messaging during 2023 and 2024 and on his reelection campaign. We call this effort ‘Facts First USA.’

Wait — facts first, Mr. Brock? Do you mean how Biden’s 2020 campaign, the Democrat Party, and the FBI continually worked with Twitter 1.0 on suppressing Hunter Biden laptop stories, including by suspending the accounts of conservatives? Facts like those?

Moreover, according to NBC News, Facts First claimed that the Biden White House’s “back-channel communications led it to believe the effort is welcome.” Really?

Is there any doubt that the Biden Family Business will do whatever is necessary to assure protect Hunter Biden and assure the re-election of the “The Big Guy”? That is, if he’s not stopped by forces within the Democrat Party terrified of the prospect of a Biden run. Anyway, Brock says his group “intends to work with the White House where appropriate — but will make our own judgments.”

In other words, Brock intends to do what he’s always done: thrive as a behind-the-scenes, free-agent smear merchant, scooping up the Democrat Party’s messes, as he sees fit.

And in the case of Joe and Hunter Biden, David Brock had better bring along a mighty big shovel.

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