Last Updated on December 24, 2022

Stew Peters, wearing a black t-shirt featuring the word “Arrest” above of photograph of Anthony Fauci, recently appeared on the One America News Network (OAN) and laid out the genocidal scenario that whistleblowers have exposed on his mega-viral Stew Peters Network, exposing the depopulation agenda at the heart of COVID-19 and its jabs.

Stew Peters applied pressure on other pundits and broadcasters to come clean about everything they know about COVID-19 and what he and his associates are figuring out about the connections between the depopulation political movement and COVID-19 jabs.

According to Peters, the foundational concept of his point of view is that COVID-19 is not a virus but a technology – so there is no vaccine for it. Therefore the shots have other purposes.

After the massive success of his documentary, Died Suddenly,  which has received over 14.5 million views, Peters has emerged as one of the few brave broadcasters who is willing to talk to controversial experts about the dangers of the shots and what he has learned from them has led him to demand action to curtail and stop the damage the vaccines are causing.

During the recent OAN interview, Peters repeated his salient message about ending the “vaccination” push because of the chilling side effects, including the deaths of people who have only been described as having “died suddenly” with no explanation for why they died.

“This is going to become too much to ignore. We have been talking about this for two years now, and it is hard for people to get their heads around what they did to themselves and their children. We have to get away from the idea of trusted leaders talking about COVID being a virus,” Peters said.

His target is stopping the vaccines.

“These are weapons of biowarfare; this is a weaponized virus. There are 25 generic sequences, and we are under attack,” he added, citing a former Pfizer employee, Karen Kingston, who appears with Peters regularly to talk about her research and documents, which they say support those claims.

Peters’s advice and reasoning behind why he is speaking out:

  • Understand that the vaccine push is bigger than people getting rich; this is about eliminating future reproduction.
  • This is about depopulation; on a massive, global scale.
  • This isn’t about a lack of understanding of a virus; COVID is a bioweapon
  • There is no amnesty; we need accountability for criminals

“We can stop this,” Peters said. “We have free will in unified noncompliance,” he went on, adding that more whistleblowers, podcasters, and pundits, especially those with big platforms, need to talk more about what they know – which Peters said – is that COVID is not a virus.

“COVID-19 is an AI Biosynthetic Parasitic Technology,” he said.


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