“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

An armed criminal cell of hitmen from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) have abducted a young man by the name of Estefan Alexander Castellanos. 

Under questioning Castellanos admits that he belongs to the Independent Cartel of Colima. In addition, the names of operatives allegedly involved in the Mexican underworld are also revealed. 

The fate of Estefan Alexander Castellanos is unknown at this time. However, it is highly suspected that he was killed off camera right after this video concluded. 

Video translation is as follows:

Interrogator: What’s your name?

Captive: Estefan Alexander Castellanos. 

Interrogator: How old are you?

Captive: 18 years old. 

Interrogator: Where do you live?

Captive: I live in the Bosques del Sur neighborhood. At 195 Bosques Bálticos. 

Interrogator: Why exactly are you here?

Captive: I was caught by the 4 letters cartel. 

Interrogator: Who do you work for?

Captive: I work for the Independent Cartel of Colima.

Interrogator: Who is your immediate boss?

Captive: His name is Beltran. 

Interrogator: Who ordered for the cars to be torched?

Captive: La Vaca. 

Interrogator: Why?

Captive: He wanted to draw law enforcement attention to the state since he had properties seized. This is why he sent Plebe and others to torch those homes out there by the Las Amarillas Sports Park. 

Interrogator: Who gave the order to have the state policeman killed?

Captive: Beltran, Nieves, El Pingüino, and El Raras. 

Interrogator: Why?

Captive: Because he refused to work with them. 

Interrogator: Who is El Pingüino and El Raras?

Captive: They’re state policemen from the same police agency…

Bosques Balticos Street
Colima, Colima
Bosques del Sur neighborhood 
Colima, Colima
Colima, Colima

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