It’s been a while since we’ve seen a true “F Joe Biden” chant. 

There are a lot of viral videos on social media, but they’re almost invariably fake, with people rolling the audio over some unrelated video.


But we have a good rousing one for you and it comes in a situation where you might normally see a lot of conflict.  

It occurred during a Gaza protest at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa with protesters calling for a ceasefire. They had the protesters making speeches and chanting, “Free Palestine.” 

The University, while allowing the protest, had a set of rules they handed out that were similar to those from the University of Florida that allows free speech, but no encampments, harassing people, violence, and things like amplified speech. 

Maven Navarro, the Editor-in-Chief of “The Crimson White” caught the action. 

It looked so far like there weren’t any encampments and it being Alabama they’re probably going to hold them to the rules, unlike in California or New York. And it being Alabama, the protesters were better behaved than the crazies in New York or California. They reportedly chanted for a ceasefire and calling for the school to cut ties with Lockheed Martin which they said had supplied Israel with equipment like planes to fight in Gaza, 


But there were also counter-protesters out there, waving Israeli and American flags, with some also sporting Trump flags. When the protesters chanted “Free Palestine,” the other side sang the National Anthem. 

They had police in between the two groups and had them penned off to make sure there weren’t any conflicts. So there didn’t seem to be any problems with order. 

But one moment stood out as a point of unity for the two groups and that was the moment when they both began chanting “F Joe Biden” together in unity.

This is pretty instructive. Finally in a truly polarized world, Alabama has helped us to find the thing that brings everyone together: Joe Biden is a terrible failure and everyone despises him. 

Biden did manage to bring the country together, as he said he would… just not in the way he thought. And I think many will come together in November to help vote him out, if this is any indication. 


The Tide is turning and it doesn’t look good for Joe Biden. 


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