The ARTEMIS II Leidos Special Mission Aircraft ribbon-cutting ceremony, Dec. 8, 2022. Leidos 

Defense One: Inside the Army’s Newest Spy Plane  

Already watching over Ukraine, Leidos’ ARTEMIS is part of the service’s growing fleet of contractor-owned intelligence aircraft. 

From a distance, the all-white business jet parked neatly in a hangar underneath a giant American flag looks a lot like the other sleek, luxurious private planes arriving and departing from this Virginia airport. But inside, this plane is far more working class. 

The cabin, full of server racks, looks more like an IT closet than an executive aircraft. The seats are cloth and two computer consoles are connected to a dozen or so antennas protruding from the plane’s belly. 

To the U.S. Army, this plane—or something like it—is a ticket to the future of warfare, built to monitor the complex communications of an adversary nation-state from standoff distance, rather than the simpler chatter of insurgents right below.  

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WNU Editor: Something tells me this new spy plane is going to be very busy …. ARTEMIS Challenger Joins Ukraine Surveillance Effort (AINOnline).