“Char” for Borderland Beat 

By: “Sol Prendido” 

This is a video that shows just how far the narco culture has extended in one of the most dangerous cities in Mexico. 
Where children aspire to be hitmen for the Gulf Cartel. 
This broadcast serves to demonstrate the lack of values and intelligence that their parents possess.

Video translation is as follows:

Interviewer: Children what are your names?
Erick: Erick and Manuel. 
Interviewer: Erick and Manuel where are you originally from?
Erick: From Reynosa, Tamaulipas. 
Interviewer: What do you plan to do?
Erick: We plan to be a part of the Gulf Cartel. 
Interviewer: The Gulf Cartel? Don’t you want to study young man?
Erick: No, that’s just for little kids.
Interviewer: You don’t care about school?
Erick: No, not at all. 
Interviewer: That firearm that you carry is a toy, right? But you really want a real one?
Erick: Yes. I’m Angel Verde from the Gulf Cartel…
Interviewer: But what do you plan to do to the people that you capture? 
Erick: We’re going to paddle them. 
Interviewer: You’re going to paddle them, and what else young man?
Manuel: Even if the police see us. We don’t care. 
Erick: We will also paddle the police. 
Interviewer: You’re going to paddle the police? Will you also behead them or not?
Erick: Yes. 
Manuel: Yes. 
Erick: We’re going to throw them into the woods. 
Interviewer: You’re going to throw them where?
Erick: Into the woods. 
Interviewer: Into the woods, ok. 
Manuel: All the naked ones. 
Interviewer: As you can all see here in this video these are young men from Reynosa. From Reynosa, Tamaulipas. One is 8 years old and how old are you…