Sputnik: NATO Claims It Can Deploy 3.5Mln Soldiers If Attacked 

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – NATO, in accordance with its new defense plans, can deploy 300,000 soldiers in the first month of a potential attack on the bloc, while the total number of the alliance’s military personnel could reach 3.5 million people, Chair of the NATO Military Committee Adm. Rob Bauer said on Saturday. 

 “If we are talking about collective defense, you do not have the time to prepare for an attack if the attack happens. And it is not us planning the attack, it is the opponent planning the attack. If they attack, you have to be ready. Therefore, we need more soldiers at high readiness … We are talking, in NATO as a whole if Finland and Sweden have joined, of about 3.5 million soldiers in the alliance. 

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Update #2: NATO says it can deploy 3.5 million soldiers if attacked (Report News Agency)  

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