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Daily Mail: ‘Well over’ 100,000 Russian troops have been killed or injured during Putin’s invasion and ‘probably’ a similar number of Ukrainian soldiers have perished, US general claims 

* US General Mark Milley said ‘well over’ 100,000 Russian soldiers died in Ukraine 

* He estimated 200,000 military casualties on both sides in highest estimates yet 

* He said that as many as 40,000 Ukrainian civilians have been killed during war 

The most senior US general has estimated that ‘well over’ 100,000 Russian soldiers have been killed or wounded during Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Army General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, also said there were ‘probably’ a similar number of Ukrainian soldiers who have perished in the war. 

Milley added that as many as 40,000 Ukrainian civilians have been killed or wounded in the war, now in its ninth month. 

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WNU Editor: General Mark Milley’s numbers are a guess/estimate. He really does not know the exact numbers. And what does not help is that the Pentagon’s bad track record when it comes to predicting the state of the Russian military (i.e. telling us every month since April that the Russian military was running out of missiles). 

And as for Ukraine. I do not think even the Ukrainian government knows how many have been killed or wounded. But the casualty numbers must be enormous for both sides. 

When I bring up this topic among my family and friends in both countries they give me opposite experiences.

In Russia my contacts tell me that they do not see the casualty numbers that Western sources are saying. At least among my circle of family/friends/and contacts no one knows anyone who has been killed or wounded. But my contacts live in the cities, and most of the soldiers who are fighting on the Russian side in Ukraine are from the Donbas, or from the rural regions of Russia. Russia is also a massive country where the wounded can be treated far away from the main urban centers where a lot of Russians live, and I am willing to bet that this is what is being done. . 

Ukraine is a different story. My contacts live in the cities, and they tell me that the urban hospitals are full. All of them also tell me that they know someone who has been wounded or killed. But Ukraine is a smaller country than Russia, and a lot of the soldiers who are fighting in this war are from the urban cities and its suburbs. 

But while the numbers that General Milley quoted are depressing, my biggest fear is what is going to happen this winter. 

Ukraine’s electrical and water grid has collapsed. This exposes millions of vulnerable seniors to harsh living conditions and illness. My aunt who lives in Kharkiv is one of them. I can easily see tens of thousands among this segment of the population dead by spring. 

And if the Russian army launches their massive counter-attack that many are predicting will happen this winter, you can take this to the bank, the military casualty numbers are going to far exceed what has happened in the past 9 months. 

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