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Bloomberg: China Cease-Fire Proposal for Ukraine Falls Flat With US, Allies 

China called for a cease-fire between Russia and Ukraine in a position paper on ending the war that offered some reprieve to Moscow but was quickly dismissed by Kyiv’s allies as the conflict enters its second year. 

Several of the 12 points outlined by China in the document issued Friday would, if carried out, offer clear benefits to Russian President Vladimir Putin. That includes a cease-fire, which would freeze Russian troops in place on Ukrainian territory, as well as a call to immediately end all sanctions not endorsed by the UN Security Council, where Russia holds veto power. 

 US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, speaking on CNN, brushed off the Chinese proposal, saying it should have ended after the first bullet point, which calls for “respecting the sovereignty of all countries.”  

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Update: U.S. and E.U. Balk at China’s ‘Peace Proposal’ for War in Ukraine (Time)  

WNU Editor: Chinese media is covering this story extensively …. China urges Russia-Ukraine ceasefire, offers path to peace in position paper, shows sincerity in global governance (Global Times). 

As expected by this blog. Ukraine has rejected China’s ceasefire proposal …. Chinese call for Ukraine ceasefire rebuffed by Kyiv (Reuters), but are still open for talks …. Zelenskyy gives qualified support for China proposals on war (AP). Russia has welcomed the Chinese initiative …. Russia welcomes China peace plan, says it is open to talks (Reuters). 

As to what is my take on this Chinese effort. 

I expected more from this Chinese 12-point peace document. To begin. This Chinese document is not a peace plan/road map to peace/or proposal to end the Russia – Ukraine war. It is a document/position paper  that states 12 essential principles that China believes should be followed to resolve this conflict. 

Unfortunately, I know some of these principles will be rejected by the West. From the ending of the ‘Cold War mentality’ (i.e. the ending of blocs like NATO), the ending of sanctions not approved by the UN (i.e. the ending of sanctions on Russia), and stopping the shipment of weapons by other countries to one side (i.e. the West arms shipments to Ukraine). 

But even with this difference in opinions, I do not believe the West should treat this Chinese initiative as DOA. It is a document that is intended to begin the discussion to end the war, and China is more than willing to use its clout to be the middleman to facilitate this process. 

A prediction. 

The West will formally reject China’s initiative in the coming days. Ukraine will enter into talks with China in the hope that these discussions will delay the expected Russian counter-offensive, but in the end will walk away from the table saying it cannot accept the conditions to end the war. The rest of the world will see the Chinese proposals/principles as reasonable, that in the end will only accelerate the further splitting of the West from the rest of the world.