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Daily Mail: White House warns Russian actors with intelligence ties are trying to foment a ‘manufactured insurrection’ in Moldova and pledges full support plus $300 million in energy aid for Ukraine’s neighbor 

* Moldova has faced coup attempt, 400 bomb hoaxes, and protests 

* White House says Russia seeks to weaken regime and install pro-Moscow one 

* Russians ‘manufactured demonstrations’; U.S. stands by ‘every step of the way’ 

The White House issued a public warning on Friday that Russian ‘actors’ who were tied to Russian intelligence are engaging an effort to ‘destabilize’ the country of Moldova through a ‘manufactured insurrection.’ 

National security spokesman Adm. John Kirby told reporters the U.S. agreed with the assessment of Moldovan President Maia Sandu, who has issued her own warnings about Moscow-backed efforts to destabilize her country. 

The former Soviet republic borders Ukraine and is located near the Black Sea port city of Odessa.  

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WNU Editor: Russia does not need to ferment an insurrection in Moldova. There are more than enough problems in Moldova to ferment unrest. The annual inflation rate is currently over 25% (link here). Everyone is experiencing sky-high energy prices (link here). There is also double-digit unemployment. No investment. And A shrinking GDP.  

Update: After issuing a warning that Russia is trying to destabilize Moldova, Washington is offering to help …. US to help Moldova fight Russia’s destabilization efforts (Reuters). 

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