Politico: Ukraine can’t retake Crimea soon, Pentagon tells lawmakers in classified briefing  

The assessment from the DoD officials is likely to anger Kyiv, which wants to recapture the peninsula from Russia. 

Ukrainian forces are unlikely to be able to recapture Crimea from Russian troops in the near future, four senior Defense Department officials told House Armed Services Committee lawmakers in a classified briefing. The assessment is sure to frustrate leaders in Kyiv who consider taking the peninsula back one of their signature goals. 

 It’s unclear what led the briefers to that assessment. But the clear indication, as relayed by three people with direct knowledge of Thursday’s briefing’s contents, was that the Pentagon doesn’t believe Ukraine has — or soon will have — the ability to force Russian troops out of the peninsula Moscow seized nearly a decade ago.  

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WNU Editor: Aside from what US intelligence is saying, Ukraine intelligence is confident that they will be able to retake Crimea …. We must do everything to ensure that Crimea returns home by summer: Ukraine’s Intelligence Chief (Yahoo News). 

As to what is my take. Russia will use nuclear weapons before losing Crimea.