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NPR: Biden Told Xi That Massive U.S. Corporate Withdrawal Might Be China’s Future 

President Biden pulled back the curtain on one of his telephone conversations with General Secretary Xi Jinping, saying in an interview that he highlighted the massive U.S. corporate withdrawal from Russia as something that might be in China’s future. 

Biden spoke yesterday with PBS’s Judy Woodruff following his Tuesday State of the Union address. When Woodruff asked if U.S.–China relations have taken a big hit as a result of the Chinese espionage balloon that floated over the U.S. and Washington’s response, Biden simply said, “No.” Pressed on this by Woodruff, he said that his previous conversations with Xi have convinced him that the incident hasn’t materially worsened relations and that he had not spoken with Xi while the balloon was in U.S. airspace.  

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WNU Editor: President Biden talks about China at the 12:25 mark in the above interview. 

According to US President Biden, this is what he said to the Chinese President last year …. 

 …. And I said, You’ve told me all along that the reason why you need a relationship with the United States in Europe is so they invest in China. So who’s going to invest in China if you engage in the same kind of deal? You notice there’s not been much going on there. 

If true, this explains why China in the past six months has accelerated its economic decoupling from the US, and intensified its military operations and exercises around Taiwan, the South China Sea, and the Western Pacific.