Ukrainian serviceman drives a tank along a road outside the frontline town of Bakhmut , Reuters

FOX News: Ukraine killing nearly 1,000 Russian troops every day, eliminates 5,000 in single battle 

Ukrainian forces are killing nearly 1,000 Russian troops every day, and they eliminated 5,000 troops in a single battle in late January, according to U.K. officials citing data from Ukraine. 

Russian troops, including the elite 155th naval infantry, stormed the Ukrainian coal mining city Vuhledar near Dontesk in late January. Ukrainian forces repelled the offensive, however, and killed, injured or captured 5,000 Russian troops. 

Meanwhile, U.K. officials say the war is exacting a heavy toll on Russia, with 824 Russian troops dying each day, according to Ukrainian updates.

“The 155th brigade already had to be restaffed three times. The first time after Irpin and Bucha; the second time they were defeated near Donetsk – they recovered again,” Oleksiy Dmytrashkivskyi, a Ukrainian defense forces spokesman, told Politico. “And now almost the entire brigade has already been destroyed near Vuhledar.”  

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WNU Editor: UK intelligence is also saying 97% of the Russian Army is in Ukraine …. 97% of Russia’s army is now in Ukraine, claims UK intel, meaning Putin may struggle to have enough trained troops to throw at the war (Insider). 

 If Russia was losing 1,000 soldiers a day, we will not be reading reports like this one …. Russia declares battlefield gains as Ukraine urges faster military aid (Reuters).