Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky  

RT: Zelensky holds ‘closed talks’ with top British generals  

The discussions took place amid growing Western disappointment with the slow progress of Kiev’s counteroffensive  

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky says he has held talks with the UK’s top military leadership and has stated that more weapons are being readied for delivery to Kiev. 

 In a video address published to his Telegram channel on Wednesday, Zelensky described the meeting as “closed, but productive.” He did not, however, elaborate on any specific details of the talks, stating only that new packages of military aid are being prepared for Ukraine, including air defense systems.  

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WNU Editor: At the same time top Ukrainian military officials also held talks with the US military, specifically with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley …. Front and weapons: Ukraine, U.S. representatives discuss cooperation Front and weapons: Ukraine, U.S. representatives discuss cooperation (Ukrinform). 

All of these talks are happening at the same time when this announcement of new American aid was being made …. White House Wants Congress To Approve Billions In New Emergency Aid To Ukraine (August 10, 2023).

So what does this mean?

My analysis is that the U.S. and its allies are about to significantly escalate the war against Russia on every level that will also use Ukraine to strike critical infrastructure within Russia itself. To essentially use Ukraine as a platform and meat grinder to  weaken Russia.

This new massive US commitment is also making me change my prediction on when this war is going to end. I now see this conflict going on pass the US Presidential election and into 2025.

One more note. 

There was/is no mention in any Western news organization on Zelensky and his generals holding talks with British and US military officials this week. All of my sources for this story are from Russian and Ukrainian news sources and social media. There is a reason for this information black-out. Major decisions on where this war is heading were made this week, and we will be learning the specifics of it only in the weeks and months to come.