A Ukrainian diplomat is using Twitter to celebrate the shooting of a female Russian journalist while she covered the ongoing war in Ukraine, claiming in his Tweet that the journalist got “what she deserved” and “better piss off.” Attacks on the press have been part and parcel of Ukraine’s military strategy, and the Zelensky government has become known for imprisoning even Ukrainian journalists if they run afoul of the government’s approved talking points.

“Brave Russian propagandist in Ukraine gets what she & all [Russian] invaders deserve,” wrote Ukrainian diplomat Andrij Melnyk in his tweet. “So you just better piss off,” he added, attaching a video that shows a female Russian journalist, providing on-the-ground coverage in Ukraine and being shot by Ukrainian forces.

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In the video, the Russian journalist can be seen peering out from behind a door and providing a narrative to viewers, in her native language, before a sudden impact jerks her back and forces her to drop her camera. Screaming ensues and she is dragged back through the doorway she was in the middle of by her male companion. It’s unclear if he’s a soldier or a fellow journalist, embedded with Russian ground forces.

Melnyk, who’s being blasted online for his openly “fascist” embrace of killing journalists, has previously caught flack for denying aspects of the Holocaust, specifically his denial of the fact that Ukraine, which then, as now, sided with Nazis during a war against Russia, was responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Jewish men, women, and children.

In the present-day, Ukrainian Nazis have been accused of burning Western volunteers to their cause alive, during their retreat from Mariupol. Members of the openly-Nazi-aligned Azov Regiment reportedly made the decision to burn the Westerners, a group that included American and British volunteers, because they believed they’d be more likely to surrender to Russian forces and compromise the Ukrainian cause.

Azov fighters have also been accused of crucifying and burning alive Russian prisoners of war, though these claims have not been 100% validated.

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