In this April 2018 file photo, US and Niger flags are raised side by side at the base camp for air forces and other personnel supporting the construction of Niger Air Base 201 in Agadez, Niger.  

CNN: US troops restricted to American base in Niger 

US troops in Niger have been restricted to the American military base in Agadez, Niger, as the Biden administration works to restore democratically-elected President Mohamed Bazoum to power. 

A US military official said the approximately 1,000 troops were “retrograded” back to the base last week, shortly after Bazoum was seized by members of the presidential guard on Wednesday. 

The US has not yet formally decided if the situation constitutes a coup – a designation that would require the US to cut foreign and military assistance to the Nigerien government, which could have serious consequences for the fight against terrorism and stability in the region. There is no timeframe in which the US is required to make a coup designation.  

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WNU Editor: The U.S. position on the coup in Niger is “complicated” …. Biden administration unwilling to call Niger coup a ‘coup’ (Poltiico). 

Before the coup NBC News was given access last week to how the US military trains Niger’s army (see video below). 

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