Last Updated on February 14, 2023

A disturbing video shared on Twitter by Stew Peters shows a black nursing home worker viciously beating an elderly, wheelchair-bound white woman as an onlooker cheers her on and films the attack.

The nursing home attack footage comes from Georgia and dates back to 2021, but is part of a larger pattern of abuse against White Americans, especially the elderly, at the hands of racial minorities. In recent years, such attacks have become a common sight online, as corporate media and uni-party politicians continue to push a blood libel against white people.

In the case of the video shared by Stew Peters, the victim was 89-year-old Evalyn Hall, a patient at The Social at Savannah, who suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease. According to local media reports, the attack began when Hall refused to change into her pajamas, a common issue among those suffering from Alzheimer’s.

When she refused, she was attacked, punched, slapped repeatedly, jerked from her wheelchair, and thrown to the ground by a woman identified as Reine Smith. A whopping 50 days after the attack, Smith was arrested, and charged with exploitation, infliction of pain, and deprivation of essential services to an elderly person.

A LinkedIn profile appearing to belong to Smith indicates that she works as a “part-time certified nursing assistant” at Summerbreeze LLC, though it’s unclear if that information is up to date.

Behind the camera was June Campbell, who has retroactively claimed that she was filming the attack to protect the victim. Despite that claim, Campbell can be heard cheering the attack throughout the video.

In violation of the law, police weren’t called, and the victim’s family wasn’t notified of the attack for weeks.

“The woman beating the elderly white lady and the woman filming are animals that do not belong in our society,” Peters wrote in a Tweet, sharing video footage of the attack.

“They should be taken out back and given the Old Yeller treatment. Period,” he added.

Shockingly, a local news report dated November 10th, 2021 paints June Campbell, the woman behind the camera, as a victim, claiming that she was videotaping the attack, instead of stepping in, to show 89-year-old Evalyn Hall’s daughter at a later date. The report bemoaned the possibility of Campbell losing her job, for not intervening, and not bothering to call the police.

Read 11 Alive’s sympathetic report on June Campbell HERE

As reported by National File, the attack on the elderly Ms. Hall is part and parcel of a wider assault on vulnerable White Americans, in nursing homes and elsewhere, at the hands of racial minorities. Despite the very public attack wave, the assailants are virtually NEVER charged with hate crimes, and face rather low-grade punishment.

In Michigan, a black nursing home worker named Jadon Hayden filmed himself beating a helpless, 75-year-old patient, only to be deemed unfit to stand trial and face punishment.

In Florida, just weeks ago, a 9-year-old white girl was brutally beaten by black teenagers on her school bus, as was her 10-year-old brother. In that case, which gained national attention, corporate media outlets deliberately obscured the race of the attackers, and often neglected to show video footage of the black-on-white mob attack.

Video: White Girl, Age 9, and Brother, 10, Savagely Beaten by Black Teens on School Bus