Last Updated on May 25, 2023

Richmond, Virginia City Council member Katherine Jordan bragged about hosting a “family friendly” drag show and said she’s “angry” that people are opposed to drag performances for children during a recent meeting of the Richmond City Council, where a citizen was removed for speaking out against LGBT grooming.

A Richmond citizen was removed for speaking out against a “Dragstravaganza” event at a Richmond coffee shop that’s openly being advertised to children and called for Richmond’s local government to enforce a criminal code against those who throw drag shows for kids.

Shortly after he began talking, the man’s microphone was cut off by the Democrat-dominated council and he was removed from the meeting, his speech to his elected representatives shut down in the name of LGBTism.

After he was removed, Richmond City Council member Katherine Jordan took a moment to wholeheartedly endorse drag shows for children and even admitted to hosting one herself, before telling the council and the audience that she was “feeling angry” about the man’s opposition to LGBT grooming.

“Yes, I’m very discouraged and disturbed by the comments,” Jordan said.

“I was proud to have a drag performance for my friend who was going through cancer and it was family-friendly,” Jordan went on to say, apparently admitting that she herself has not only endorsed but has hosted drag shows for children.

“There was nothing scary, there was nothing indoctrinating, there was nothing grooming about it. That is just BS,” she went on.

“And, I, I just, again, I’ll go back to feeling discouraged and angry that folks choose to focus on this when there are so many other actual threats and dangers to our children.”

Though the citizen speaker at the Richmond City Council didn’t mention the coffee shop that was hosting the “Dragstravaganza” for kids by name, such events have become commonplace and have been aggressively marketed towards increasingly younger children, down to and including the age of infanthood.

Some states, such as Tennessee, where a trans radical slaughtered six Christians in the name of LGBTism, are taking action to shut down drag performances for children, but Virginia’s Youngkin Administration has thus far not taken this step.

Virginia has been an epicenter in the radical left’s war on children and the family, making international headlines when school board members in Loudoun County covered up the transgender bathroom rape of a female high school student, who was attacked by a “gender-fluid” male in a skirt who accessed the girl’s bathroom under the district’s pro-trans policies.

According to court documents, the “gender-fluid” rapist raped two other girls in Loudoun County Public Schools as well.

Criminal charges have been filed against Loudoun County’s former school superintendent, Scott Ziegler, for his leading role in the trans bathroom rape cover-up.

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In the Richmond area and as previously reported by National File, several school districts have been busted by parents peddling LGBT literature to small children in school libraries and in class curricula.

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