Globalist Billionaire Ken Griffin attended Bilderberg 2023 this past weekend. Griffin has called Donald Trump a three-time loser and pledged to back Ron DeSantis for president.

Ken Griffin joined other global elites at the shadowy Bilderberg Conference in Europe this past weekend. The topics discussed at the meeting were reportedly AI, Banking, China, Energy Transition, Europe, Fiscal Challenges, India, Industrial Policy and Trade, NATO, Russia, Transnational Threats, Ukraine, and United States Leadership.

Speculation is building that Griffin is aiming to be Ron DeSantis’ Treasury Secretary if the Governor of Florida is elected president. Griffin supports endless wars, giving billions in American taxpayer money to Ukraine, a globalist economy where factory jobs in America are almost nonexistent, and a strong Chinese Communist economy.

National File previously reported that Griffin’s pull on DeSantis was so strong that after DeSantis gave Tucker Carlson an answer on Ukraine that Mr. Griffin did not approve of, Griffin went down to Florida, and weeks later, DeSantis’ tone on the Ukraine War changed from pro-peace to war hawk.

Griffin has called Trump a three-time loser and many wonder if the reasoning behind Griffin’s attacks on Trump is because Trump has pledged to prevent World War 3 and save America’s economy.

Ron DeSantis is spending his Memorial Day weekend raising money from globalist elite donors at a conference at the Four Seasons in Miami. Rooms for the conference start at about $700 dollars a night.

Laura Loomer is at the conference reporting on it, and tweeted about a potential pay-to-play scheme developing at the conference, writing, “This morning when I was coming down the elevator, DeSantis staffers were headed to the investor breakfast with stacks of about 100 clipboards with packets that say “Invest in Ron DeSantis’s Presidency today”.

All these facts have led many Republican voters to conclude that Ron DeSantis is a globalist in disguise.