Christened by Joe Biden as America’s Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry occasionally steps up to a microphone or in front of a TV camera and makes an utter fool out of himself, both because of his doomsday warnings about “the existential threat to mankind,” and also his related blatant hypocrisy.

I would’ve gone with Supreme Potentate of Weather, but I digress.

Anyway, as reported by The Washington Post, Kerry whined during a Wednesday interview with the AP that the annual meeting of the 197 signatories of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change in November didn’t do enough to speed up cuts in emissions of heat-trapping gases.

Kerry told AP that while he believed there was progress on some aspects of reducing carbon pollution during the climate summit in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, he also thinks there’s much more that could be done (Kerry always thinks there’s much more that can be done), including giving more money to what he called a “pyrrhic” agreement to establish a compensation fund for poor nations “victimized by a warming world.”

“We needed to significantly accelerate the reduction of emissions,” Kerry said, adding: “I would have liked to have seen s greater outcome from Sharm with respect to mitigation,” which is what climate negotiators (and “experts” like John Kerry) call cutting carbon pollution.

So what needs to happen, according to Kerry?

But we’re just going to have to keep pushing. We have to increase the mitigation and that’s the one thing that I thought should have been highlighted even more. There was forward movement very clearly at increased ambition, but I think it needed to do more.

Really, Mr. Special Presidential Climate Envoy?

How ’bout you mitigate your own emissions and carbon pollution by dumping your private jet, for which you have a great affinity? You know, just like you were forced by your fellow climate loons to sell your $7 million 76-ft. superyacht. Remember? The same yacht you docked in Rhode Island in an attempt to avoid paying roughly $500,000 in taxes to your cash-strapped, Democrat-controlled home state of Massachusetts. Yeah, that yacht. Now to your private jet to show the little people just how serious you are. Deal?

In answer to a direct question about whether “there’s going to have to be U.S. taxpayer money — that the United States is going to have to be one of the nations that contribute” more to climate reparations for third world countries, Kerry said:

Well it would be great if there were some — I mean the United States of America, proudly, is the largest humanitarian donor in the world. The American people already do an enormous amount around the world … so we’re on deck.

I mean we’re in the fight. … We have to step up to lead.

Cool. How ’bout you step up and lead, first, Mr. Climate Envoy?

However, as reported by my colleague Streiff in November, Kerry’s climate-alarmist pal Joe Biden agreed to pay “climate reparations” to “developing” countries, as Streiff put it, “to punish Americans for their success and reward a handful of extremely rich people who live in those countries.”

Speaking of extremely rich people, John Kerry is worth an estimated $250 million. His wife, Teresa Heinz, also the widow of Republican Sen. John Heinz (R-Pa.), was an heir to the famous ketchup fortune. Independent of his wife, Kerry has scored wealth of his own through his relation to the well-to-do Forbes family, unrelated to the Forbes publishing family. In all, Kerry has inherited at least four Forbes family trusts, including three from his mother, Rosemary Forbes Kerry, who died in 2002.

In other words, Kerry’s fortune came with zero wealth-building of his own doing.

Yet, the climate hypocrite extraordinaire jets around the world at will, and owns multiple homes, all the while preaching to the rest of us about how much we need to cut back on this and give more to that, all in the name of “the existential threat to mankind,” otherwise known as cyclical long-term weather patterns.

Ignorance is bliss to hypocrites — particularly, to multimillionaire hypocrites.

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