Daily Mail: Has Putin forced Belarus to enter Ukraine war? Lukashenko’s military vehicles have red square ‘war signs’ painted on, mimicking Russia’s ‘Z’ symbols 

* Belarus ordered snap ‘combat readiness’ checks on its armed forces this week  

* Armoured vehicles since spotted with ‘war markings’ to help drivers distinguish friend from foe in actual combat – similar to Russian ‘Z’ symbol  

* Fears are growing Belarus could soon join war in Ukraine to help ally Putin  

Fears that Belarus could soon be forced to join the Ukraine war are growing after military vehicles were seen with ‘combat symbols’ painted on them.  

State TV footage of armoured vehicles taking part in snap ‘combat readiness’ drills near Ukraine’s borders showed they have red squares painted on them, which would allow drivers to recognise each-other during actual combat.  

Vladimir Putin also ordered military drills near Ukraine’s borders with ‘Z’ markings appearing on Russian tanks just before he ordered a full-scale invasion in February.    

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Update #1: Belarus holds rapid deployment and combat readiness drills near Ukraine border (Euromaidan Press)

Update #2: Ukrainian forces are bracing for the possibility of another Russian invasion via Belarus: ‘We have to be ready’ (Insider)  

WNU Editor: A lot of these current exercises being conducted by Belarus are being held near the Ukraine – Polish border. But if Belarus should decide to enter the war directly, they do not have the manpower or resources to make a difference.