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Relatives of the men killed in the operation against Ovidio Guzmán are holding funerals in different parts of the municipality.

Editorial staff | El Sol de Sinaloa

At least 10 people who were killed by elements of the Mexican Army and the National Guard during the operation to capture Ovidio Guzmán López have already been identified and handed over to their families.

Authorities reported that these 10 men were wearing military-style clothing and tactical equipment, so they were apparently part of the cell of gunmen who went to try to rescue Chapo Guzman’s son.

The victims were identified as Jesús N, Jesús Antonio B, José Antonio R, Eduardo B, Andry Roberto, Adrián Alonso, Raúl, Mauricio Jesús S, Rey Miguel L. and Juan Alberto.

This last person is a 14 year old minor, who was wearing tactical clothing and a tactical breastplate. He was originally from the community of Paredones.

The information indicates that the bodies of these people were transferred by the Army to the Forensic Medical Service, where the families began to go on Friday to try to identify them.

According to reports, it was Mrs. Griselda López Pérez, Ovidio’s mother, who took care of most of the funeral expenses of the men who came to defend her son.

“Mrs. Gris spoke to the funeral homes to take care of the expenses of the man who was in the shooting in Jesús María”, indicates the testimony collected.

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