Last Updated on February 26, 2023


A SafeBlood Donation foundation operating out of Switzerland wants to provide unvaccinated blood to needy medical patients. As young people die suddenly throughout the world, humanity needs an alternative to vaccinated blood that is being used by the Big Pharma-dominated medical industry.

The foundation operates as a nonprofit out of Zurich, Switzerland. George Della Pietra is the founder of the foundation that operates internationally and seeks to help patients avoid polluted vaccinated blood for important medical procedures. The foundation can be found at for services including membership and a newsletter.

“There are a large number of scientists and doctors who not only have great concerns about the Covid vaccines, but are convinced that they also enter the body via the blood through the back door, so to speak, and remain there,” Clinton Ohlers, a foundation spokesman, said to an angry website trying to accuse anti-vaxxers of “misinformation.” But of course, more people are learning that the real misinformation is actually coming from Big Pharma-friendly medical elites.

The foundation’s founder George Della Pietra recently spoke about hospitals actually disallowing their patients from receiving pure unvaccinated blood. The world is becoming more dystopian. Luckily, some medical Truthers are speaking out and fighting back.

As NATIONAL FILE recently reported, a website called seeks to create an international community of people who resisted the Coronavirus needle injection. The website aims to foster unvaccinated dating matches and to provide information to people to help them receive unvaccinated blood for medical procedures and unvaccinated fertility donors.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic began, governments and the mainstream media have been running immersive propaganda to convince people to take the vaccine, with even Sesame Street character Elmo deputized to shill for the practice of injecting small children with the needle.

Vaccine refusers have faced peer pressure and social ostracizing as they try to keep themselves and their families safe from mRNA injections as young people “die suddenly” in a horrifying fashion. Some vaccine refusers are now evidently trying to give like-minded people a sense of belonging, and hope.

The Unjected website explains: “Created by two moms in Hawaii, during the height of the vaccine rollout spring 2021; Unjected is a multi-faceted platform of health conscious, covid-19 unvaccinated humans who believe in medical freedom, freedom of choice, freedom of speech & bodily autonomy. After slander in the media, we have grown to an ever multiplying 110,000 members in 85 different countries around the world in pursuit of love, friendships, community, business connections, and even blood directories & fertility directories to find donors that are free from experimental synethetic mRNA injections to protect the integrity of the control group population.”

“Unjected is for any Covid-19 unvaccinated adult, who is looking for connection with like minded individuals in their area or across the world,” the Unjected website explains. “Features to help you find love with partners free of synthetic mRNA. Find friendships with those who truly understand “what’s really going on.” Social feeds without fact checkers.  Listings features to connect and do business with those who have always been mandate free or find local artists and creatives to support your local unvaccinated community. If you’re concerned about the tainted blood supply, find your safe blood match. Or even if you’re looking for donors for reproductive services that are Free from synthetic mRNA. Unjected is for you.”