Last Updated on September 18, 2023

An employee of the left-wing Jewish pressure group, the Anti-Defamation League has been identified as a close associate of the Antifa-adjacent American Iron Front, a black bloc group that advocates for the use of chemical and biological weapons against their political opponents.

John Zack Ortiz, a 24-year-old UC Berkley graduate and coordinator for ADL Central Pacific, has associated closely with the American Iron Front, a violent left-wing organization that calls for the murder of its political opponents.

Ortiz has been described as acting as a “liaison” between the ADL and the AIF and using his standing within the groups to send information both ways and to keep AIF members up to date on the latest ADL intel, which the group has then used to harass its political opponents online.

In AIF chat groups, where he was known as “johnyz715”, Ortiz flaunted his work with the ADL and his LinkedIn profile identifies him as an ADL “regional coordinator.”

Ortiz flaunted his work with the ADL in the AIF chats.

The organization that Ortiz has been associated with, the American Iron Front, is not one with Antifa but is a separate entity. Like Antifa, however, the AIF is named in honor of a violent left-wing German group that dates back to the 1930s, known as the Iron Front.

The original Iron Front existed to militantly support, through both terrorism and political activism, the continued existence of Weimar Germany, the inter-war German republic where transgenderism was pioneered.

The modern American Iron Front though, which largely exists online, hasn’t just taken on the form of Antifa-style street radicals, but of an anti-white hate group with Jewish supremacist leanings, much like the ADL is often accused of having.

Operating as what’s been called an “online group of ADL thugs,” the AIF has released several Antifa-style propaganda posters, including one that calls the group an “American Iron Front of Jewish Americans.”

Iron Front of Jewish Americans
The American Iron Front has openly marketed itself as a Jewish organization.

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In addition to the online harassment of white people and political conservatives, members of the AIF have routinely advocated for real-life violence against their political opponents.

According to chat records that were recently made public, an AIF thug advocated for the use of QuickLime, a chemical weapon known to cause horrific burns and that even blinds those it comes into contact with.

“Hear me out. Quicklime shells,” the radical wrote to an AIF chat group.

In another AIF chat message, a member of the group called for the murder of Michael Knowles of the Daily Wire.

ADL Antifa
CHEMICAL WARFARE: An AIF radical called for using QuickLime against the group’s political enemies. An ADL employee has been found to have been acting as a “liaison” between the two groups.

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