US Air Force/Senior Airman Bryan Crane  

Air Force Times: B-2 stealth bomber damaged in Missouri emergency landing 

A B-2 Spirit stealth bomber suffered damage Saturday when an in-flight malfunction forced the crew to make an emergency landing in Missouri. 

Firefighters at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri extinguished a fire at the scene, Staff Sgt. Alexandria Lee, a spokesperson for the 509th Bomb Wing, said Monday. No one was hurt and an investigation is ongoing. 

Whiteman is home to the service’s fleet of 20 B-2s, though it’s unclear how many of the jets currently are operational. Eight recently marched down the runway in a display of strength ahead of the Air Force’s reveal of its new B-21 Raider bomber.  

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WNU Editor: No details have been released on what is the damage on this B-2 bomber. 

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