In a press release on Thursday, Comer made clear that not only has Schwerin agreed to divulge the intimate details of Biden family business dealings with the House investigation, but that he [Schwerin] claims to have a lot to tell – about Hunter, Uncle James Biden, and especially, about ‘The Big Guy.’

james comer

In a story that has now been corroborated by House Oversight Committee Chair James ComerJust the News, and The Washington Examiner, House investigators have in fact secured the cooperation of a key business associate of Hunter Biden, marking a tremendous breakthrough in the committee’s efforts to probe the overseas business dealings of the Biden family.

This new bombshell development also has the ability to rock the Biden family to its core as Eric Schwerin, has agreed to collaborate with Congress, offering a critical glimpse into, among other things, the intricate business and tax dealings of President Joe Biden.

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Now back to the story.

The breakthrough of Eric Schwerin’s willingness to talk, now allows Congressional investigators to finally gain access to the insider information they’ve been seeking. With Schwerin’s intimate knowledge of Hunter’s business and financial ventures, as well as his connections to the President’s own business and tax affairs, this cooperation promises to be a game-changer for the investigation, which, up until now, has been met with roadblock after roadblock.

During an interview on Thursday, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) offered quite a bit of insight into the situation.

“He [Schwerin] is cooperating with us. His attorneys and my counsel are communicating on a regular basis. Now, I feel confident that he’s going to work with us and provide us with the information that we have requested. I think that Schwerin is going to be a very valuable witness for us in this investigation,” Comer concluded.

Earlier in the week, the committee received word that Hunter Biden and his uncle James Biden, the presidential brother, have no plans to disclose all the information sought by Comer’s committee regarding the first family’s global business deals that garnered millions of dollars from Ukraine and China.

This is significant because it marks a breakthrough in the investigation of the Biden family’s overseas business dealings, which have been under scrutiny for some time, but up until recently, couldn’t be corroborated by any independent sources – Schwerin changes all that.

The cooperation of a key business associate of Hunter Biden is likely to provide valuable information to the investigators and could possibly even shed light on several potential ethical or legal issues. There is also a really good chance that the new information dump could affect public perception of the Biden family and completely tank the president’s already perpetually low public approval rating.

“We know individuals, many are cooperating with us now, but others, not so much,” Comer noted. “We’re going to start subpoenaing people in the private sector, we’re going to start subpoenaing financial institutions to get us the information. And then we’ll go from there.”

Because of the revelation of Schwerin’s eager cooperation, Comer has also announced that his committee will not delay any further and will promptly start issuing subpoenas.

In his press release, Comer went on to say:

“If I were Hunter Biden, and I’m as innocent as his lawyers and the little hit guy that works in the White House and attacks me every day says he is, I would want to clear my name in front of the House Oversight Committee.

“He could come in front of the House Oversight Committee right now and defend his good name. He would have 20 Democrats that would definitely support him, and he could make 26 Republicans look bad if all this information we have from his laptop, all the emails that were in his own words, all the audio that is in his own voice, if for some reason we’re misinterpreting that, then he could make us look bad.

“But we all know that this family was involved in influence peddling. And this administration is doing everything in its ability to try to block oversight.”

Of course, nobody can predict with certainty how Biden will respond to these latest developments, however, the elder Biden has previously defended his son’s business dealings despite insisting he had no knowledge of any of them. He has also fervently held that neither he, nor son Hunter, nor Brother James, were in any way involved in any unethical or illegal activities.

It is always possible that he may continue to assert that his family has done nothing wrong and may push back against the investigation, though all the legal experts we talked to about the situation believe that would not be a good strategy for the President. Only time will tell.

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