Last Updated on March 8, 2023


Nationally-syndicated news host Stew Peters was again joined by Big Pharma whistle-blower Karen Kingston on Tuesday’s broadcast of the Stew Peters Show, where the two exposed the discovery of poisonous graphene oxide in the COVID-19 jabs that are now confirmed to be a genocidal bioweapon.

Karen Kingston, a Big Pharma whistle-blower who worked directly with Pfizer and boasts decades of experience in her field, has taken a leading role in exposing the genocidal bioweapon agenda at the heart of COVID-19 and its jabs. On Tuesday’s episode of the Stew Peters Show, Kingston discussed the confirmation that poisonous graphene oxide has been discovered in COVID-19 jabs, an assertion that she made on the Stew Peters Show nearly two years ago, only to be ignored and derided by Big Pharma and their corporate media financial and disinformation partners.

Now, in 2023, Karen Kingston has been publicly vindicated and it’s been revealed that COVID-19 jabs do indeed contain lethal graphene oxide. What’s more, is that the graphene oxide serves as a way to forcibly connect human beings to the global 5G network, Kingston explained.

Since its inception, human rights activists and truth-telling medical watchdogs have sounded the alarm on 5G’s cancer-causing properties, and on the possibility that it could be used to overhaul the very way people live their day-to-day lives and the ways they function as human beings.

“The purpose of [putting graphene oxide in the jabs] is to create an electromagnetic field that connects humans to outside electronic devices and the internet,” Kingston said on Tuesday’s episode of the Stew Peters Show.

Kingston went on, telling Peters and his audience that this “is what I said on your show on July 28th, 2021 and everyone thought I was insane, especially when I said ‘I’m as confident that there’s graphene oxide in the shots as I am in gravity, and I’ve got the document to prove it.’”

Watch the full segment below:

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