The Houston Police Department (HPD) has released bodycam footage detailing the moment when law enforcement officers confronted an armed woman who opened fire at Lakewood Church in mid-February. Genesse Moreno was killed during the altercation after she injured two others.


Armed with a rifle and accompanied by her seven-year-old son, Moreno’s shooting led to a gunfight with off-duty police officers who were already present on the scene. Her son was critically injured during the exchange, but he is now recovering in the hospital.

The footage chronicles the moments leading up to the terrifying encounter. Moreno can be seen wearing a long coat as she was captured on surveillance footage entering the building with her son. The shooting commenced shortly after. As officers try to find and neutralize the threat, Moreno can be seen reentering the frame before being shot, at which point she falls to the ground.

The swift action of the officers likely saved many lives. They were able to eliminate the shooter before she could do more damage.

The shooting garnered national attention, given the circumstances surrounding the incident. The motive for Moreno’s actions has not yet been established, but a pro-Palestinian message written on her rifle has led to speculation that the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza could have played a role in prompting her to carry out the attack.

In the video, Moreno can be heard threatening the officers. “I will blow this whole f***ing place up…You killed my son,” she shouted.


The aftermath of the shooting raised questions about whether the tragic incident could have been prevented. It was later revealed that the authorities had been alerted about Moreno’s unhinged behavior in the years leading up to the shooting. Her neighbors reported that she threatened and harassed them on multiple occasions, but nothing was done when her behavior was brought to law enforcement.

Moreno was known to her neighbors in Conroe for her unsettling behavior. The neighbors alerted the authorities about her behavior but to no avail.

Years before a shooter opened fire at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston, residents in the small neighborhood said they had run-ins with the suspect, who frightened them.

Six women who live in the neighborhood in Conroe, a north Houston suburb, said the woman, Genesse Ivonne Moreno, targeted them, harassed them, threatened them, displayed firearms and made them fear being outside their homes.

Late Monday afternoon, the women held a news conference in the driveway of a home to describe what they said they have been enduring and to criticize what they said was officials’ failure to respond to their reports about Moreno.

“No one should have died. No one should have been hurt. This should have been handled years ago, and here we are again,” said Jill, the president of the neighborhood association, who would not give her last name for fear of retaliation.

The press conference underscores frustrations over missed opportunities to prevent the brutal attack. As the investigation continues, questions about the shooter’s motivations remain unanswered.


Moreno’s former mother-in-law also highlighted her bizarre and threatening behavior, recounting how she alerted the authorities about the issue several times. She had reached out to Child Protective Services because she was concerned about Moreno leaving unattended guns in the house with her son and was worried that the boy would hurt himself.

The shooting at Lakewood Church is yet another incident that has prompted a national conversation about gun control, mental health, and the issue of gun violence overall.