Last Updated on October 9, 2023

In a well-attended speech in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, President Trump explained the foreign policy failures of Joe Biden and “his boss,” Barack Hussein Obama. Trump pledged to reinstate his travel ban that Biden repealed. Trump’s travel ban banned those from countries with terrorist problems from entering the United States. Trump also reiterated his commitment to securing America’s borders.

Trump highlighted to the New Hampshire crowd that Biden is taking direct orders from Obama, saying, “The people of New Hampshire have been sold out, ripped off by everybody and betrayed by the corrupt globalist, Washgtion Wall Street People, whose combination of Washgtion and wall street they are the worst of all and it’s never been worse than now under Joe Biden and his boss Barack Hussein Obama.”

On numerous occasions, Obama has said he wished he could control a president from afar. Biden, who was Obama’s number two, seems like the prime candidate for Obama to control. It’s also worth noting that critical Obama-era officials like Susan Rice have also played significant roles in the Biden White House.

While informing his crowd that Biden and his boss, Obama, undid Trump’s successful travel ban, Trump promised to reinstate his travel ban, pointing out his foreign policy successes, saying, “When I was your president, we had peace through strength and now we have weakness, conflict, and chaos.”

During the Trump years, America destroyed the ISIS Caliphate and kept Iran and its proxies at bay. However, Trump’s most notable foreign policy achievement was the lack of any major terrorist attack on American soil. Trump is the first American president in decades to accomplish this. Trump’s travel ban clearly worked.

GOP primary polling from New Hampshire shows Trump holding a commanding lead in the state. New Hampshire will also be a key swing state in the 2024 general election.

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