Last Updated on September 14, 2023

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reportedly threw a temper tantrum Thursday morning during a closed-door meeting with GOP Members. McCarthy is facing building pressure to impeach Biden, release the J6 tapes, and defund the Trump witch hunts. If he fails to do all three, Rep. Matt Gaetz has said he will put forth a motion to vacate the chair. Gaetz recently revealed that McCarthy and GOP leadership want to pass a clean CR that continues funding Jack Smith’s witch hunts against President Trump.

Responding to reports of McCarthy’s mental breakdown, which included the Speaker telling fellow GOP members to, “move the F*** motion [to vacate the chair]” Matt Gaetz posted on X, ” Sounds like @SpeakerMcCarthy is having a total normal one – not rattled at all.”

“Truth is Kevin controls his own fate.”

“So instead of emotionally cursing, let’s do this: Single-subject spending bills, Term limits vote, Balanced budget vote, Release J6 tapes to all, Subpoena Hunter.”

“We must begin immediately. Pull yourself together, Kevin!”

Congress must pass a funding bill before September 30th to avoid a shutdown. This means Speaker McCarthy must defund Jack Smith’s witch hunts against Donald Trump before the end of the month.

Defunding Smith is a crucial demand Gaetz is making. On Tuesday night, Gaetz shared National File reporter Charles Downs’ post on X, which read, “In a fiery patriotic speech on the House Floor, Matt Gaetz revealed the spineless RINO known as Kevin McCarthy wants to pass a CR that funds the Jack Smith witch hunt. If the Speaker fails to defund Jack Smith, the House GOP must vote to vacate the chair.”

Trump supporters are encouraged to call their members of Congress and demand they refuse to vote NO on the continuing resolution unless the Trump Witch hunts are defunded. Trump supporters are also encouraged to demand that their rep votes to vacate the chair if McCarthy can’t follow through on his promises.

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