“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

The crime of Manuel Julián Sevillano Bustamante, related to the leader of Los Choneros, alias “Fito”, has shocked the province of Mocache, north of Los Ríos. It occurred in broad daylight, on the afternoon of September 13, in a commercial business in the region. 

Sevillano, 39 years old, was hit by a dozen shots fired by unknown subjects on board a pickup truck, when he was in an express car wash with his 20 year old daughter.

The young woman was severely wounded as a result of the armed attack and was rushed to a hospital in Quevedo, where her death was confirmed.

Multi-crime gangs operate in the Los Ríos province.

But, who is Sevillano? According to police information, the subject is the leader of a faction of Los Fatales, a criminal gang allied to Los Choneros.

Sevillano had a criminal record for murder. The police presume that the crime was a retaliation between narco-criminal gangs.

The leader’s body was buried on Thursday. Videos circulating online show that large-caliber weapons were placed in his coffin.

Los Fatales is a criminal group formerly led by José Adolfo Macías, alias ‘Fito’, who is currently detained in the Guayaquil regional prison.

This gang disputes the control of drug routes in the Manabí and Los Ríos provinces, with other criminal organizations such as Los Cornejos.

The armed assault at the hospital in Chone, in November 2022, originated from a dispute between these two gangs.

Initially, Los Fatales emerged in the Balerio Estacio cooperative, a suburb of Guayaquil, and their former leader, alias “Frank,” trafficked drugs from the Colombian border to the interior of the country.

Mocache, Ecuador