“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

Sunlight from the bright Mexican sun drowns everything in view at first glance. But we eventually get a clear picture of a captured male sitting on the ground outside with both hands tied behind his back. The initial impression given is that he’s the latest captive that has fallen into the hands of the mighty Cartel de Sinaloa (CDS). 

However, his answers under questioning quickly reveal that he was actually being held against his will by the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG). His abductors had abandoned him to his fate in what appears to be the advancement of CDS through the area. 

All inquiries made by the Cartel de Sinaloa assassins are to better understand their next plan of attack on the battlefield. In their hasty retreat the CJNG gunmen deliberately screwed themselves by leaving their prisoner alive. 

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario #1: Help us dude. 

Captive: There’s about 15 of them around. 

Sicario #1: Where exactly are there 15 of them?

Captive: They’re nearby. 

Sicario #1: Are they here just ahead of us?

Captive: There’s several guys scattered further ahead from here. 

Sicario #1: How many of them though?

Captive: I don’t know their names because I’m new to this area. 

Sicario #1: I need to know how many more individuals are out here dude. You’re not in any trouble here. We’re actually going to save your life here. Go ahead and save your life by helping yourself in this matter. Tell me how many individuals there were all together? 

Captive: There’s about 20 guys. 

Sicario #1: But where exactly were they?

Captive: I think that they’re just up ahead from where we are. 

Sicario #1: Look dude we don’t have any problems with you. None whatsoever. 

Captive: There’s a lone individual up ahead from here. 

Sicario #1: So, that’s 20 total so far. What about further up? 

Captive: Further up? There’s actually an individual further out from there. 

Sicario #1: How many of them were there?

Sicario #2: Are you referring to where the antena is at? 

Captive: I honestly don’t know this area too well. They recently brought me here several days ago. 

Sicario #1: Look here dude. Save yourself, save yourself. Don’t be a dumb ass about this. Save yourself dude. Just tell us what we need to know. 

Captive: The truth is that I was just recently brought here 2 days ago. 

Sicario #1: Where did they bring you from?

Captive: From Xalisco.  * The name of this city sounds identical to the state of Jalisco

Sicario #1: Which part exactly?

Captive: Nayarit. 

Sicario #1: Why were you brought here?

Sicario #2: There actually is a town in the state of Nayarit known as Xalisco. 

Captive: I was abducted and brought here tied up. 

Sicario #3: Good job there sir!

Sicario #1: What do you mean tied up?

Captive: I was brought here tied up as you see me in handcuffs. 

Sicario #1: What exactly did they say to you?

Captive: They said that…

Xalisco, Nayarit

* Events took place in the state of Zacatecas

Sandra Edith