Last Updated on December 20, 2022

According to media reports and experts, indirect attacks on American citizens are happening by illicit foreign drug cartels who are pushing chemically designed substances to go from being addictive, as we have seen for decades, to actually being hidden in other medicines, to make them intentionally deadly substances.

Johnny Mitchell of Koncrete interviewed Ed Calderon, a Mexican counter-narcotics investigator, about Mexican Drug cartels, and said “‘Common wisdom, would be that drug dealers wouldn’t kill off their customers because then they wouldn’t have customers”; however, according to Calderon who has ten years investigating these issues, death is the plan and that is what is happening- the Mexican drug cartels, aided by the Chinese are chemically designing the drugs to kill Americans.

In the following interview Calderon points to numerous documented facts that helped him reach that conclusion.

Not only are the drug gangs making street drugs more deadly, but we know from media reports that pain pills have been targeted and laced with deadly substances. The confusing part was getting people to understand why drug dealers would want to murder their customers.

Calderon may have the answer to that in the interview when he said that there is a rabid Anti-American sentiment that has been stoked in Mexico by America’s biggest enemies, who are exploiting the seduction of wealth and political power in Mexico , by buidling are more lucrative drug trade.

Calderon is confirming other media reports saying that it is being done by the CCP, and adding from his experience – that it is because the Chinese want Americans dead and gone.

“The Chinese are obviously in this and taking a long game approach,” Calderon told Mitchell in the interview, describing what he saw as a war strategy.

Therefore, what Americans should be hearing is a dire and urgent matter for the US House of Reps to close the borders and empower law enforcement again- or our Republic is under attack and there is no opposition to beat us.

According to even government sources, the compounding border crisis is exacerbating the illicit fentanyl stream into America. In 2021 alone, border officials encountered nearly 2 million illegal immigrants, seizing 11,201 pounds of fentanyl — a 134 percent increase from the fiscal year 2020 and a 400 percent increase since the fiscal year 2018, according to customs and border patrol.

Mitchell and Calderon sat down for an extended interview recently to talk more about all of these issues, which should jolt the American people awake with urgency- to see that China is now partnered with Mexico to push deadly drugs on Americans;  and to ask our government- what is the plan to stop this?

The Republicans will need to be brave and firm to eliminate the danger when they take power in Jan.

Calderon talked about how law enforcement has known about the Mexican pipeline: the system of manufacturing and delivering street drugs for a long time, citing news reports that show over the last 15 years, Mexican drug organizations have replaced domestic producers as the leading manufacturers and distributors of meth in the United States.

Calderon recalled a 2007 arrest of a Mexican Chinese National, who was living in Mexico, and who he remembered had set a record for the highest amount of money seized in an arrest- it was 207 Million dollars.

“The guy was involved in the pharmaceutical industry,” Calderon said about his earliest understanding of the problem that Washington DC pretends not to know anything about.

The Mexican government said then that Ye Gon made millions supplying traffickers with the raw material to make a pure, highly addictive form of methamphetamine that has flooded U.S. markets. And the Government Federal Government obviously took this money and made it disappear and you know.
That was the first really public sign of the Chinese National involvement,” he said.

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis spoke about this very problem with China and Mexican drug cartels in September.  Fox News reported on DeSantis plans to address it:

“Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday denounced China and blamed the communist nation for a variety of problems, including creating and covering up the COVID-19 pandemic and manufacturing fentanyl and shipping it to drug cartels.

“China’s role in the Covid pandemic, in covering up the origins of the Covid virus. If you look at their manufacturing fentanyl and shipping it to the drug cartels who run it across our southern border,” he said during a news conference at Miami-Dade College Wolfson Campus in downtown Miami.

DeSantis said the leading cause of death for people in the United States ages 18 to 45 is fentanyl overdoses, citing health officials.

The synthetic opioid is typically used for treating severe pain and is 50-100 times more potent than morphine. Illicit fentanyl is now primarily made in Mexico from precursors manufactured in China, and then trafficked across the southern land border.

It is frequently mixed with other drugs, meaning users may not be aware they are ingesting it.

The Drug Enforcement Administration has previously warned of a “nationwide spike” in mass fentanyl overdoses and has said the drug is killing Americans at an “unprecedented rate.” A 2020 DEA report also notes that most fentanyl and the precursor chemicals used to manufacture the drug originate in China.

“That would not be happening if it weren’t for China,” DeSantis said.

It is questionable why the border has been left so easily breached and the drug trade has been allowed to become so well run.

Calderon spoke about the future saying, “so we know there was  a pipeline then that still exists from 2007 and there products and production methods and Chinese chemists teaching  Mexicans and they are bringing some of the equipment to Mexico to create some of these substances in Mexico.”

The defense secretary of Mexico, Gen. Luis Cresencio Sandoval, acknowledged there had been a massive shift by Mexican cartels away from naturally grown drugs like opium and marijuana, where seizures and crop eradication has fallen.

According to the Washington Post, Mexican cartels are increasingly manufacturing drugs entirely from chemicals rather than relying on plants, making detection more difficult,.

“So the primary motive  for developing and helping produce all this stuff in Mexico is not just financial motivations of selling drugs, it is anti-American for a lot of reasons. It’s popular to be anti-American and Mexico now, and China is very much playing a long game as far as influence in this country. People need to do the math about in Mexico and the proliferation of some of these Chinese chemists teaching or bringing some of the equipment to Mexico to create some of these substances in Mexico.”

Calderon went on to say:

“If you wanted to affect the United States in a big way you can’t attack it directly militarily because you guys have spent more than any other country on the planet as far as your military-industrial complex, right?

You are would attack it indirectly. Yeah. And one of the most indirect ways of attacking it is through your youth and Illicit drugs like cocaine. Some of these guys are getting some other product from Ali Baba through the weird underground, Black Market means arriving at their houses, and now they are manufacturing fake paint pain medication and camouflaging or creating their own packaged pills.”

Mitchell and Calderon discuss China at 2:24:00 :

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According to his website, “Ed Calderon is a non-permissive environment specialist and combative instructor with over 10 years of experience in counter-narcotics, organized crime investigation, and public safety in the northern border region of Mexico.”