Saudi Arabia and Iran agreed to restore diplomatic relations last week during a meeting between officials in Beijing [China Daily via Reuters]  

The Cradle: China to host Iran-GCC summit later this year: Report 

Several details of the reconciliation deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia have leaked, including Riyadh agreeing to have Iran International ‘tone down’ critical coverage of the Islamic Republic 

A high-level gathering of Gulf Arab states and Iranian officials is on track to take place later this year in the Chinese capital Beijing, according to sources that spoke with the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). 

Chinese President Xi Jinping pitched the idea for the summit during a regional summit he attended in Riyadh last December. According to the report published on 12 March, the leaders from the six-country Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) welcomed Xi’s proposal to reduce tensions with Iran.  

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Update: China to hold GCC-Iran summit: Report (Al Jazeera)  

WNU Editor: This is big news. It is also another sign on the growing role that China is playing on the global stage.