Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and President Joe Biden in Kyiv during Biden’s unannounced visit Monday. Ukrainian Presidential Press Office  

Politico: ‘Little fissures’: The U.S.-Ukraine war unity is slowly cracking apart 

A tough week for U.S.-Ukraine news reveals an imperfect harmony. 

The United States and Ukraine have largely been in lockstep since President Joe Biden’s administration pledged support for “as long as it takes” in resisting Moscow’s relentless invasion. 

But more than a year into the war, there are growing differences behind the scenes between Washington and Kyiv on war aims, and potential flashpoints loom on how, and when, the conflict will end. 

“The administration doesn’t have a clear policy objective and a clear goal. Is it to drag this thing out, which is precisely what Vladimir Putin wants?” said Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. “Is it to just give them enough to survive and not to win? I don’t see a policy for victory right now, and if we don’t have that, then what are we doing?”  

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WNU Editor: This is an extraordinary article that highlights the divisions that are now growing between Washington and Kyiv. In the article there is nothing but criticisms from US officials on Ukrainian President Zelensky …. and I think this is the first time that I am reading a major US media outlet criticizing the Ukrainian President. 

There is also US criticisms on Ukrainian war policies, and what is more shocking, are US officials telling Politico that they strongly believe that Ukraine was behind the Nord Stream pipeline attack. There is also criticisms on Ukraine being committed to the defense of Bakhmut against the advice of US military officials. 

But what struck me were US officials expressing their frustration over constant Ukrainian demands for more weapons and monies, and disappointment that they have not shown the proper appreciation of US efforts.

Needless to say. This is a must read article for today.