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USNI News: Report: Chinese Warship Harasses U.S. Destroyer in Taiwan Strait Transit 

A People’s Liberation Army Navy warship cut across the bow of a U.S. guided-missile destroyer on Saturday while it was transiting the Taiwan Strait, according to a report from embarked journalists. 

USS Chung-Hoon (DDG-93) and HMCS Montreal (FFH-336) were transiting the strait when a PLAN warship cut across the bow of Chung-Hoon, according to a report from Canadian outlet Global News. 

According to their report, a Chinese warship made a course to cut across the bow of the American destroyer and were advised over radio by the U.S. crew to alter course to avoid a collision. Montreal’s commander, Capt. Paul Mountford, called the move unprofessional. The Chinese warship came within a 150 yards of the U.S. ship. 

Mountford told Global News the incident was ”clearly instigated by the Chinese.”  

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