Unfortunately, Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) was declared the winner on Tuesday in the run-off election in Georgia.

That’s a bad thing on a couple of levels: First, it will give them control of the committees that they didn’t have with a tied Senate. But also it will give them more of an opportunity to pack the federal courts with activist judges. One of the few things saving the country now is that the Supreme Court hasn’t been completely subsumed yet. But packing the courts is going to seed activist judges throughout the system for a very long time.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer took a victory lap to celebrate Warnock’s win and brags about putting “women” and “people of color” on the bench. He didn’t brag about placing the people best for the job.

He went right from there to casting doubt on the election, claiming that there was voter “suppression.” What was the evidence of it? He spoke about standing in line in the rain. Seriously? Did those evil Republicans make it rain too? This is how low they’ve sunk at this point.

But to them, it’s okay if they call elections into question and claim there’s interference because they have the magical “D” after their names. They can make all kinds of ridiculous claims like this. If you’re a Republican, you aren’t allowed to question, even if you have valid concerns about Democrats and social media colluding to suppress stories to influence the election. Republicans did absolutely nothing to make it harder to vote — indeed, it was easier than ever. It’s just shameful how easily someone like Schumer lies. And if Walker had been declared the winner, you could be sure we would never hear the end of this claim. If there was suppression then how did they win? If they’re claiming suppression are they questioning their win?

It was shameful that they spread lies about the Georgia election law and those lies hurt the people of Georgia in the process, denying them the All-Star Game and all the money that would have gone along with it. They didn’t deserve to win anything. They put their desire for power over the people of Georgia with that lie. They don’t care if they’re lying to their base to jack them up. But because they haven’t been penalized for the lying by the voters, they continue.

The facts? There was record-high turnout without any problem for voters.

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